TEAM FM.A.NI would like to announce that;


Fibromyalgia Awareness NI, have now found new premises to continue with our support network, this has been in the making for a while,  and have now managed to secure this space for the forseeable future. We will be based in


"Limavady First" Outreach Center

10 Newtowne Square

BT49 0FL


This will now allow us to offer more help and support to those struggeling with their Fibromyalgia, and seeking support for themselves and their families, as Fibro not only debilitates you physically, but also emotionally. 

So we are now focusing on the mental health side of Fibro as well as all other ailments that come with having this Wide Spread, Chronic, Disabeling, Debilitating Illness.


If you or someone you know are striggeling with their illness, please do get in touch and we will help out as much as we possibly can. 


Now that we are working alongside "Limavady First" Outreach Center, this will allow us to hopefully make contact with other organisations who will use the facilaties and work for the great good of those who need support most. 

Team FM.A.NI would like to that the outreach Center for this chance to let our wee organisation grow again and be seen again on the street.