Welcome to our new look website, we are sorry it has took so long to get things going, & as you can imagine with 95% of us who volunteer with the charity are Fibromyalgia Sufferers too

we do have to take time out to recharge and ease the pains. 


As some of you know, we have had to close our premises of our Charity Shop & Offices.

This has been a huge upsetting blow to us as an organisation as well as on a personal level.

We tried our best to maintain funding for our rent & bills but unfortunatley we just could not manage it or raise funds to enable us to purchase the building we had all come to call our home from home 


So for now we will try and update our progress as much as we can via our facebook page, this is where we can also be contacted to arrange for help from one of our team so they can call back to help you filll our benefit forms, and offer some 1-2-1 support if needed.



Thank you all for your patients at this time

For now stay safe and self isolate if you need to

 & be there for each other.