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Fibromyalgia Awareness Northern Ireland

Here at FM.A.NI we have noticed that during these uncertain times, that the price of basic essential items in stores have increased dramatically, we don't believe this is right, espiecally with so many people being out of work through loosing their jobs,  or being forloughed.


Businesses should be out to help those in need during this crisis, not exploiting people with higher than normal pricing, or not having their usual promotions running as they did have before the COVID-19 Pandemic hit our country.


With this in mind, we have been able to secure some basic essentials sourced from an organisation in England (Inkind Direct), who are donated these procucts from the main companies who then sell charaties items at a reduced rate so that we can be passed the savings on to our customers.


As of Monday 25th May 2020


FM.A.NI will be opening with a varity of products we are able to offer

those who are stuggeling with financial difficulties in our sociaty. 


Opening times will be:

Monday - Friday

10am - 2pm


Below are some pictures of the items we will have in store (while stocks last,)
as we are not guaranteed these being available again when we next place an order..