Since having to close our premises where we have our office & charity shop, we have not been able to generate any funds in order to maintain paying our basic bills.


These include

Rent, Electric, Heating, Phone, Internet


These bills are usually covered by revinue greated by our charity shop, and since closing we have had to set in place an overdraft facility on our account, Just incase we can't have money in on time.

As a registered charity we at FM.A.NI can apply for grants to help in funding different things we undertake in the organisation.


As we know the difficulties everyone is facing due to this COVID-19 cirsis, funding bodies have suspended most of their main funding applications & focusing on COVID-19 related issues charaties are facing now.


We at FM.A.NI have been lucky enough to secure a grant from the

National Lottery Community Fund Grant

This enabled us to purchase laptops so that our volunteers could continue with our supoprt network while being at home. It is because of grants like these small independant organisations like ours are able to continue what we would normally do while in the office.


We would like to say a huge thanks to the Lottery Community Fund for the grant

of £3000  for new Laptops so that we are able continue with this importand work that 

a lot of people depend apon on a regular daily basis.

Volunteer Laptops

Fundraising & Donations


As we are a small independant charity organisation, we depend greatly

on peoples generosity of fundraising and

donations of money to fund the work we do 

supporting people who struggle & suffer on a daily basis living with Fibromyalgia.


If you would like to donate to our Charity

or start a fundraiser, we will be posting links to

helpful sites and tools for you to use.