Here at FM.A.NI, we have a Membership Subscription Program.


This allows those who have subscribed to our charity a say as to how they think thst charity should be used in a free vote at our

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

This is open to the public on an annual basis, it also allows members of the charity to add suggestions they would like to be heard by the trustees, and committee members on a regular basis.

( We aim to have Committee Meetings every 3-4 Months)


Being a paid member will also entitle to free access to any events, fundraisers, seminars that the  charity organises.

We aim to include all our paid members in every aspect of the day to day proceedings the charity has going on.

As we feel it is the members who makes the charity in having their voices heard by all involved in FM.A.NI.


Membership Subscription is set at £20 per year

as we know just how difficult everyone is finding it

during these tough uncertain times, and money is not as free to give

to organisations as it once was.

This is why we have never increased our Membership Subscription

from £20 in the 7 year history of the charity.


To Have a Charity Membership Subscription, Click On The Link Below.


Payment Plans