As part of our ongoing efforts to continue to be there for our members and those struggeling daily with Fibromyalgia and their mental health, we have decided to offer group ZOOM sessions in order to break the isolation and Loneliness a lot of people are expierencing more so now during these uncertain times. 


As we are not able to meet in person we thought this would be as good a way as any to stay in touch and contact those seeong help, suppport and advice.

If you or someone you know are struggeling more now than before due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Contact our Facebook Page  and one of our dedicated team mambers will get in touch and arrange a  phone call or zoom video call with you.




FM.A.NI  is a charity and relies on donations to provide its support to families right across the country.

If you would like to support us helping more families with someone who has Fibromyalgia, Mental health issues

please donate to us.